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Unique Promotional Opportunities  
Posted (2014-02-26)

The dictionary definition of ‘brand’ is, ‘a mark or symbol to differentiate one’s cattle from another’s’.

When your competitors are all shouting about the same standard events, like Anniversary Sales, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day, often the only way to differentiate your business is to offer the lowest price… a never-ending downward spiral which can actually hurt your bottom line.

In your quest to create advertising that stands out, we recommend drawing attention to your business through promotion of unique special days; days that your competitors are unlikely to promote, and days that are so unusual they will capture the attention of your prospects and customers.

Unique special days or themes not only stand out, they can actually be interesting to your target audience and therefore make your ads more memorable.

Examples... April 6th is Tartan Day, an ideal opportunity to promote the thrifty reputation of the Scottish, and the savings at your business.

April 8th is Draw a Bird Day where customers could post their drawing on your social media page or you could invite them to bring their drawings to your business to get a discount that day.

April 8th is also No Housework Day. You could create a cross promotion with a local maid service and have your customers enter a draw a free housecleaning every week for a year. April 24th this year is Bring Your Sons and Daughters to Work Day. You could develop a promotion to humanize your business by promoting people can come and meet the sons and daughters of you and your staff.

Virtually every day of every month has several special days, complete with links to stories about the meaning or origin of each day. These unusual special days can capture the attention of your prospects, and with a little creativity can evolve into unique promotional opportunities that your competitors are likely ignoring.

There are long lists of unique promotional opportunities you can tap into. There is a special national promotion attached to literally every day of the year. There are also national week and national month recognitions, which present unique promotional opportunities that will get your creative juices flowing as well.

If you are looking for some thought-provoking special occasions which could be used to attract the attention and the wallets of your target audience, click here and I’ll gladly deliver our special opportunities calendar.

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