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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Port Elgin Beach Volleyball Set To Go

Port Elgin | by John Divinski  

Some changes under a new contract between the town and local volleyball group.

The Social Athletics of Saugeen Shores Club, formerly the Port Elgin Beach Volleyball Club, has a tentative 3-year lease deal with the town to operate a beach volleyball league at the Port Elgin Main Beach.

Community Services Director Jayne Jagelewski says there have been some changes to the contract.

Jagelewski says the playing courts are reduced to 6 from 8.

She says two courts had to be eliminated at the north end of the beach, next to the harbour because of high lake levels, however, to compensate, the town has agreed to increasing the number of nights for the league to 4 nights per week from 3 nights.

Court locations have been chosen to minimize conflict with other beach users looking for what is called "towel space."

In addition, Jagelewski says they will leave a number of courts up during the day when league play is not on, so beach visitors can use the facilities in pick-up games.

She says, the evening volleyball league has drawn many down to the beach, much like the old beach carnivals have done in the past.

The Volleyball club will pay just over $4,300 which is an increase over last year, recognizing the value of the public space.

The money will go towards waterfront enhancement projects.

The club has over 450 members that enjoy league play every Monday to Thursday evenings beginning June 1st and continuing to the end of August.

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