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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Hanover Trails Eyes And Ears Launches

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Neighbourhood watch style volunteer group hits the trails.

Image from Twitter @TownofHanover 

The Hanover Trails “Eyes and Ears” initiative has officially launched.

This neighbourhood watch style volunteer group will be very visible.

The Eyes and Ears patrol volunteers will be identifiable by their red Hanover apparel of either a ball cap, t-shirt ,vest or jacket containg Hanover's logo.

Their job says Parks and Recreation Director Sherri is to keep to an eye out for anything that the Town or police should be aware of.

This can range from trail maintenance and graffiti to reporting mischief, campfires or illegal camping.

Walden says the Eyes and Ears patrol will also serve as a friendly face to trail users who may have a concern to report, need a little assistance or have a question.

Walden is very excited that this program has been launched and is looking forward to the positive improvements these volunteers will bring to Hanover’s trail system.

This volunteer trail patrol initiative was created in response to a public meeting in February on Trail Safety.

That meeting gave birth to an action plan which included the trail patrol, a police bike patrol and the installation of trail marker signage.

The Eyes and Ears patrol is the first of these three initiatives to be launched.

The police bike patrol will launch soon.

Walden says there are currently 15 designated Eyes and Ears trail volunteers.

However you don’t have to don a red hat or vest to serve as an unofficial Eyes and Ears volunteer.

Walden says anyone can make a call to the Town or Police if they see something concerning in need of attention.

So far there are 15 Eyes and Ears volunteers for Hanover beautiful scenic trail system.

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