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Friday, February 17, 2017

Hanover Gets Ready for Casino Takeover

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

The town hopes new service provider Gateway Casinos will help foster growth in the area.

Come Spring Gateway Casinos & Entertainment will become the new service  provider for Hanover’s OLG Slots.

Hanover Mayor Sue Paterson is looking at this as an opportunity for growth for the town.

Paterson has just returned from a special Host Mayor Conference in Toronto where OLG host communities like Hanover received a crash course on the upcoming changes in the ongoing modernization of the OLG’s slots.

Gateway Casinos is taking over as the service provider for the North and Southwest Gaming Bundles including the Hanover site. (currently operate in B.C. and Alberta)

This includes taking over nine existing gaming sites as well as plans to construct two new facilities in Ontario, making it the largest most diversified gaming company in all of Canada.

Given the sheer size of Gateway, Paterson is hopeful this will mean new opportunities of expansion and diversification for Hanover slots.

She says after attending Gateway’s presentation it is very clear they have a strong business plan with a heavy emphasis on entertainment, branding and staff training opportunities.

Paterson says Gateway has four distinct casino styles from their small relaxed playtime casino model to their premium stylish Grand Villa casino.

Paterson says while she knows Hanover is to small for the luxury model, she and CAO Brian Tocheri are doing what they can to promote Hanover as mid sized community market casino over the small market model.

Paterson says she wants to be sure Gateway realizes the full potential of Hanover and will be meeting again with officials in a few months time to discuss the upcoming transition.

In the meantime as part of the province’s stipulations in the Gateway agreement, all existing staff will keep their jobs at Hanover’s OLG slots for a year’s time.

This is one of the largest public private partnerships in Canada.

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