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Monday, March 20, 2017

Politicians meet with farmers

Elmwood | by John Divinski  

It was a full house in Elmwood Saturday as OFA members talk with politicians.

Elmwood Community Centre was the site for the annual Politicians Meeting, put on by the Grey and Bruce county Federations of Agriculture.

Topics ranged from school closures, natural gas service to reports and concerns from pork, sheep, beef and dairy producer groups.

President of the Grey County Federation of Agriculture, Mike Ryan says representatives from the three levels of government are invited to come and hear first hand, what the issues are, facing farmers in the region.

Ryan points out, the agriculture industry is one that is looking for people to fill positions dealing with all aspects of farming.

He says a University of Guelph survey in 2008 showed for every Ag grad they have, there were 3 or 4 work positions available.

Ryan says anecdotally he's been told it's even more so today.

He says today's farmer can't be an expert in all aspects of his or her operation, and there are less and less people to fill those specialized roles, such as agronomists, agrologists, veterinarians, accountants or bankers.

All of these jobs help to make today's farm operation a success.

Ryan says farm operations need to be a success if they're going to attract the next generation to succeed their parents or relatives in the industry who are thinking of retirement.

He says 98% of the farms are family operations.

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