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Friday, May 19, 2017

Awards For Work Battling Arsons

Owen Sound | by Claire McCormack  

Grey County's firefighters and paramedics honoured by Owen Sound Police Chief.

A Citation for Teamwork award, has been given to several agencies involved in a coordinated critical response effort to battle several arson fires in Owen Sound in August of 2015.

Police Chief Bill Sornberger held a news conference Thursdayto publicly recognize and honour local Emergency Medical Services and Fire Services who were involved.

During the incident, an arsonist set fires that destroyed over 15 properties, displacing over 50 people in Owen Sound.

Chief Sornberger says with so many fires and patients to care for, the local EMS and Fire Services worked in unison to get the situation under control.

Sornberger says the teamwork involving the Owen Sound Fire Department, Intertownship Fire Department, Chatsworth Fire Department, Grey County Paramedic Services and the Grey County Fire Coordinator was remarkable.  

Chatsworth Fire Chief Mike Givens says "Over the years we've come in several times to help out," adding "we work together on a lot of events. Since we share a border we're always helping each other out that way."

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