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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound Candidates On The Economy

Owen Sound | by Claire McCormack  

Candidates present their ideas about how to improve the economy.

Bruce Grey Owen Sound federal election candidates have ideas to help boost the economy.

In a radio debate Tuesday (Oct 16th) on AM 560 CFOS, each candidate put forward their plans.

Conservative Alex Ruff says his party believes the best way government can help business and industry is to "get out of the way."
Ruff says, "Our party will reverse Trudeau's tax increases on small business, reduce Canada's over 130,000 federal regulations by 25 per cent and implement a new two-for-one rule for new regulations."
He adds, a minister will be assigned to lead red tape reduction efforts and the party will have a specific fund for rural infrastructure projects and would make rural broadband access a priority.
Ruff says "Government policies have made doing business in Canada and specifically, Ontario, unattractive." He says addressing Canada's competitiveness is, "Essential to attracting business and industry back to our region."

Green Candidate Danielle Valiquette says as a municipal councillor, she's very aware that Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound has 'an exceptionally low unemployment rate.'
"That's not a good news story," says Valiquette, "Whenever you have an unemployment rate of less than five per cent, what that means is that you have people out there who are looking for workers. That's certainly what we are seeing here in Grey Bruce. "
She says a Green economy has to happen and her party would create a lot of work for people in the transition away from fossil fuels.
Valiquette also the need to increase immigration, "We need more workers. It's as simple as that." She goes on to say, "The other thing that the Green Party would do is work with all levels of government to ensure that we can put secondary homes on land so that there's homes can be used for, for example, temporary farmer workers."

Liberal Michael Den Tandt says the unemployment rate is at the lowest it's been in decades, and adds poverty is at historic lows, "A lot of that is due to the Canada Child Benefit and various measures that the Liberal Government has put in place to help the economy" says Den Tandt.
He says the Liberals have lowered the small business tax rate to nine per cent from 11, making it the lowest in the G7.
Still, he says more needs to be done, "We, in Bruce Grey Owen Sound are not feeling the benefits of that to the extent that we should."
He says immigration is key, "We need to draw people to the are to do the jobs that need to be done. We need to make it attractive for people to live here and move here, for new Canadians to come up here. We need to expand our transportation networks and make sure that the transportation dollars that are going to the bigger cities,, some of those dollars come up here."

Den Tandt says "It's easy for us to be ignored becasue we have a small population spread over a large area. We need to have a louder voice at the table to make that happen, and we need to make our trade agreements work for us." Den Tandt goes on to say Canada needs to get its trade "Firing on all cylinders to help local people succeed."

Libertarian Candidate Dan Little says "Where we need to focus our attention, is on the amount of red tape that stands between an employee and an employer. If we reduce these barriers to employment itself we will have more employment.  
he says abolishing all the mandatory taxation and reducing regulation to its bare bones, we will stimulate the economy and keep lots of and lots of meaningful employment in Bruce Grey."

NDP candidate Chris Stephen says his party plans to create 300,000 jobs across the country, many of which will be in green energy.
Stephens agrees with other candidates on the need for more immigrants in the area but adds, "When we bring workers in, that come to our communities, we also need to make sure they have a clear path to citizenship so that they know they have a secure place to live and that they have a whole commitment from us that we will support them when they come."

Stephens adds increasing the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour gives people "At least a liveable wage" he says, adding "That is a strong commitment from us that we will do that."

Bill Townsend says his People's Party would reduce taxes, "We also want to repeal the capital gains tax across the board."
Townsend says his aim is to ensure there is a healthy environment for businesses, "It's not the government that employs people, it is private businesses," says  
Townsend wants to increase the number of economic migrants, "If there are businesses in Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound, they will be able to have the employment demand met by economic migrants."
He says he agrees with the NDP's Chris Stephen "We need to make it easy for these people to become permanent residents and citizens of Canada. We also need to clear out red tape so that temporary foreign workers can come and work in the agricultural capacities that are out there."

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