560 CFOS

560 CFOS

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Brockton Fire Department Receives Donation From Enbridge

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

114 combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to the Brockton Fire Department.

As part of Project Zero, Enbridge has donated 114 combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to the Brockton Fire Department.
Enbridge Field Supervisor Jeremy Miller says this in Enbridge's way of trying to improve home safety and bring fire and carbon monoxide-related deaths down to zero.

This year, Enbridge has invested 275 thousand dollars in Project Zero and over the last 11 years, the program has provided more than 44 thousand alarms to fire departments across Ontario.

Miller calls carbon monoxide the silent killer and says Enbridge wants to ensure every home is equipped with working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.
Brockton is one of forty municipal fire departments to receive the combination of smoke and carbon monoxide alarm donations from Enbridge this year. (by year end over 9,100 alarms will have been donated.)

Brockton Fire Prevention Officer Chris Wells welcomes the donation saying “It is our hope that the alarms provided by Project Zero will allow our department to help promote and educate the community and to protect the residents of Brockton in homes where smoke and CO alarms are needed most.”

The Brockton Fire Department will be working with the local food banks, churches and other organizations and agencies to ensure these alarms find a home.

Wells says the combination alarms contain a lithium battery and so long as they are kept clean and maintained they are good for ten years. (no need to change battery for ten years.)

He notes early detection is vitally important, noting today's homes burn faster and hotter than older homes from years ago.

He says at one time people had 10 to 15 minutes to get out of their home in a fire, he says this is now down to 1 to 3 minutes due to the materials homes are constructed from as well as the materials that fill homes.

The objective of Project Zero is to deliver combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to the people who need them the most.

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